David Farrington

Software Craftsman.

Agile Enthusiast

Continuous Delivery Expert.

Ambitious Technologist.

Full Stack Python Developer.

Software Engineer.

More About Me

About Me

I'm a Software Engineer focused on delivery and progress

With over 15 years of experience in web technologies, Im a forward-thinking, enthusiastic, software craftsman, with a passion for developing quality, scalable, cloud native solutions to business problems.

Back-end Development

Front-end Development

Dev-ops & Infrastructure

Graphic Design

Agile Methodologies

Test driven development (TDD)

Leadership & Management

Business modelling & Data Design

Things I Know

Python Ruby ASP.NET C# HTML CSS JavaScript PHP Shell ActionScript SQL NOSQL

Django Django Rest Framework Flask Tornado Angular jQuery Magento Wordpress Ansible Chef Fabric

AWS Google Cloud Git Shell Linux Docker Kubernetes Vagrant Nginx Apache gunicorn/uwsgi Jenkins Redshift BigQuery Mysql Postgres MariaDB Cloud Datastore MongoDB

Agile Scrum Kanban TDD BDD CI CD Big Data Orchestration Configuration as code Delivery Pipelines Code Reviews Teaching Learning Mentoring Leading Pair Programming Functional/Unit/Integration testing API design Documentation driven design QA

Areas of expertise

Back-end development

  • Strong application development experience with Django Flask Tornado
  • RESTful API Driven applications Using Django Rest Framework TastyPy Flask-RESTful
  • Strong familiarity working serverless with AppEngine Heroku Amazon Lambda Functions Google Cloud Functions
  • Strong familiarity working with virtual machines using Virtualbox Amazon EC2 Digital Ocean Droplets Google Compute Engine
  • Experience working with Docker containers and Kubernetes with Google Container Engine (GCE) Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • Task processing using Google Task Queue Celery Rabbitmq Redis
  • Asynchronous processing within applications with geventlet Tornado
  • Data design/analysis, Whiteboarding, Pragmatic planning
  • Well versed in good design patterns, 12 factor, microservice architecture, scalable design, cloud patterns

Front-end Development

  • Fundamental Web development skills with HTML CSS Javascript etc.
  • Experience with Javascript frameworks such as Angular backbone
  • Dependency management tools, including Bower NPM Gulp
  • Automated Cross browser testing
  • Strong understanding of web standards/principles

Devops & Architecture/Infrastructure

  • Developing scalable cloud native applications
  • Experience with Cloud providers (IAAS/PAAS) AWS Google Cloud Digital Ocean
  • Strong familiarity with *nix systems Linux MacOS
  • Strong command line skills
  • Strong experience with Web Servers, including Nginx Apache Lighttpd uwsgi gunicorn
  • Experience with File/Mail Servers Samba FTP/SFTP SSHFS Postfix
  • SQL/NOSQL Databases Postgresql Mysql MongoDB Cloud Datastore Redshift BigQuery Aurora
  • Deployment tools/practices Fabric Shell scripting blue/green deployment
  • Load testing with Apache Benchmarking tool (AB) Blitz.io
  • Monitoring/Reporting tools using Statsd Datadog Grafana Graphite Stackdriver Sentry
  • Configuration as code using Chef Ansible
  • Infrastructure as code using Terraform Elastic Beanstalk

Working practices

  • Version control using Git Mercurial SVN
  • Agile frameworks used Scrum Kanban scrumban
  • Test driven development (TDD)
  • Behaviour driven development (BDD), Using Selenium Gherkin Cucumber
  • Software Craftsmanship
  • Business modelling & Domain Driven Design
  • Product focussed approach
  • Continuous Integration (CI), Using Jenkins CircleCI Travis
  • Continuous Delivery (CD), pipelines built with Jenkins CircleCI
  • Peer Review, Pair Programming, Mentoring
  • Regularly attend conferences keeping skillset up to date
  • Automation of testing/integration/deployment
  • Strong leadership skills and experience



Gamesys Ltd.

Team Lead, Games Services

August 2016 – Present

Heading up a team of Python developers, building and maintaining systems to support our games and players, using Django/Flask/Tornado on Google AppEngine, Container Engine, Compute Engine, and Flexible Environment, reporting and analytics with BigQuery and DataDog, relational and non-relational data in CloudSQL & DataStore, and a host of other products in Google's suite of cloud based tools begin used.

Managing the product backlogs, co-ordinating with product owners and project managers, staff training, and review/assessment, recruitment of new staff, long term planning, requirements gathering, technical roadmap, working with other team leads to move the department forwards.

Gamesys Ltd.

Senior Python developer, Games Services

May 2016 – August 2016

Helping to maintain and enhance a suite of products used for supporting and running games at scale on Facebook, Apple AppStore, GooglePlay and Amazon AppStore

Scoota Ltd.

Lead Backend Developer & Devops Engineer

Jun 2013 – May 2016

Product development on a suite of Ad creation/serving tools, Initially working on the front-end (JavaScript SPA), but moving into the back-end (Django micro-service API's), and dev-ops (Ansible, Terraform on AWS)

Making use of a wide range of AWS tools and services, including EC2, ELB's, S3, CloudFront, Redshift, Elastic Transcoder, Kinesis, RDS and a whole bunch more.

Scoota Ltd.

Full Stack Developer

Dec 2011 – Jun 2013

Involved in a lot of production work, high pressure, tight deadlines, quick turnarounds, mainly microsites, and campaign work. Written in Python, PHP, ASPX, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

British Design Innovation

IT & Communications

Jan 2009 – Dec 2011

This was my Job during University, I was looking after Members, providing IT Support, looking after the Web/Mail/File Servers, improving the information architecture, and developing the internal business processes.

Freelance Design & Development

Full Stack Developer

Jan 2002 – Present

From an early age I have been taking on freelance jobs, involving graphic design, development and hosting for individuals and small companies. (E-Commerce sites, Corporate sites, Blogs etc.)


The University of Brighton

Bachelor of Science (B.S.C hons), Digital Media Development (2.1)

2007 - 2010

Project Planning & Control, Programming, Database Design, Information Systems & Architectures, 3D Graphics & Animation, Video Production, Business Information Systems, Games Development

Oaklands College (2nd stint)

National Diploma in Information Communication Technology (Triple Distinction)

2005 - 2007

Intermediate Computing, Business Calculations, Business Information Systems, Software Development, Language & Communications, Visual Basic, C++, Computer Systems, Systems Analysis & design, web design & Database Management Systems, Networking.

Oaklands College (1st stint)

GNVQ in Information Communication Technology

2002 - 2003

Basic computing skills, Database design, Project management, Design & Presentation


White water rafting, Walking, Travelling, Swimming, Biking, Squash, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Killing Zombies, Movies

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