I'm a full stack developer that has worked with a variety of technologies and infrastructures.




I Grew up in a little village called Kings Langley, went to College in a lovely town called St.Albans, went to University in an amazing city called Brighton, then came to work in a big city called London.

  • Freelance Design & Development

    From an early age I have been doing design & development for individuals and small companies, from logo & branding, to E-commerce sites.

  • IT & Communications

    This was my Job during University, I was looking after Members, providing IT Support, looking after the Web/Mail/File Servers, improving the information architecture, and developing the internal business processes.

  • Full Stack Developer

    I was initially involved alot of production work, high pressure, tight deadlines, quick turnarounds, mainly microsites, campaign work etc. written in Python, PHP, ASPX, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
    Then I started doing product development work, developing large scale javascript applications.

  • Lead Back End Developer

    Building a scalable adserving platform and suite of polished self service tools for format creation and campaign management using Python & Django sitting on the Amazon AWS infrastructure.


  • Infrastructure

    Linux, Web Servers, File Servers, Mail Servers, Database Servers, deploying, securing, configuring, scaling, monitoring, managing

    Tools/Libraries/Services used: Amazon Web Services, Chef, Ansible, Fabric, Shell, script, Apache, Nginx, uwsgi, gunicorn, Postfix, vsftpd, mysql, postgres, Jenkins etc.

  • Back End Development

    Python, PHP, Ruby, ASP, C#

    Tools/Libraries/Services used: Django, Flask, Fabric, Celery, South, Django Rest Framework, TastyPie, boto, Selenium, SQLAlchemy, Jinja2, nose, pep8, flake8, pip, virtualenv, Node

  • Front End

    HTML, CSS, Javascript

    Tools/Libraries/Services used: HTML4/5, Vanilla JS, jQuery, CSS2/3, Angular, require, Bower, cross browser testing

  • Working Practices

    Agile, Scrum, TDD, BDD, Continuous integration, Peer Reviews, Testing, Version Control, managed release process/cycle, controlled deployment strategy, rollback strategies etc.

  • Weapons of choice

    OS: Ubuntu
    Version Control System: git
    Text Editor: Sublime Text 2 / emacs

  • // David Farrington

    Contact me for questions, references or quotes.

    • Call +44 7845 - 827 - 614
    • Address 11A Rucklers Lane, Kings Langley, Herts, WD4 8AX
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